Sugar Australia – a sweet solution to hunger

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June 13, 2012

Lending a neighbour a cup of sugar has long been a traditional way of showing kindness. One of Foodbank’s most committed friends has taken this act to a whole new level by donating over a half a million kilograms of sugar since it became a partner in 2006.

That friend is Sugar Australia, which is the country’s leading supplier of industrial and consumer sugar and owner of the iconic CSR Sugar retail brand. It has donated on average 10 tonnes of the natural sweetener every month and also provides willing assistance when sugar is required in Foodbank’s Collaborative Supply projects such as pasta sauce, baked beans and canned fruit.

Sugar is much sought after by welfare agencies as it’s a central ingredient in everything from a warming cup of tea to savoury dishes and desserts. It makes a valuable contribution to meals which need to taste good and also be energy dense.

On top of the company’s donations, Sugar Australia staff also regularly volunteer their time to assist Foodbank with day-to-day warehouse operations such as sorting and packing foods, stocking shelves and assisting welfare agencies with their orders. But the support doesn’t stop there – the company has also provided other valuable assistance such as venues for Foodbank meetings and passing on old office equipment.


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